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Researching Cambodian Law in English: Web Resources


There are numerous free websites that can assist in locating Cambodian primary law, as well as secondary information on Cambodian legal topics.  Links to available English translations of Cambodian law are listed below at right.

Cambodian Judiciary (English)

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

According to its website: "The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is a special Cambodian court which receives international assistance through the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT). The court is more commonly referred to by the more informal name the Khmer Rouge Tribunal or the Cambodia Tribunal."


The Sithi Blog

The Sithi Blog is a sub-project of The Blog focuses on the dissemination of information pertaining to human rights in Cambodia.  Email updates for postings are available. 

SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)

SSRN is an electronic repository for international social sciences scholarship that includes the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).  Thousands of downloadable abstracts, working papers, and published papers are available without charge. 

Constitution (English)

Note that the "World Constitutions Illustrated" database in HeinOnline includes current (1993) and past versions of the Cambodian Constitution in English translation.

Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia is an unofficial translation of the 1993 constitution posted on the Constitutional Council of Cambodia website. The date indicated on the cover sheet is October 2015.

The Comparative Constitutions Project contains an English translation of the Cambodian Constitution (1993, revised 2008).  This website also allows for cross-constitutional comparisons across a broad array of topics. 

Legislation and Regulations (English)

Cambodia has a number of legal norms with a specific hierarchy amongst them.  Open Development Cambodia describes these norms and also organizes them by topic and type.  Note that, in general, English translations of Cambodian law may not be official.

WWW Resources

Subject Guide

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Print Research Guide

Prepared in the summer of 2009, updated in February 2012, this 23-page guide offers instructions and tips on how to research foreign, comparative, and international law at the LUC Law Library.  The annotated guide lists print reference sources, subscription databases, free websites, and current awareness sources that may be useful when approaching foreign, comparative and international law questions.