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Mergers and Acquisitions - Drafting and Negotiating Documents for Corporate Transactions: Treatises, Practice Guides and Form Books

A round-up of print and electronice resources devoted to creating the documents involved in the purchase and sale of business organizations.

About this Page

This page provides description of, and in some cases, links to resources about documenting acquisitions and merger transactions.  These resources are divided into two categories: treatises/ practice guides and form books.

Treatises and Practice Guides

The following resources are multi-volume "sets" devoted specifically to merger and acquisition documents and transactions. Each provides in depth analysis and guidance for core transactional documents. These multi-volume sets are listed in alphabetical order.

Form Books

When you search for precedents or template forms in Bloomberg, LexisAdvance, or Westlaw, you will be able to filter your search results to just those resources that the publishers have identified as being 'forms'. Many, if not most, forms are originally published in encyclopedic multi-volume (in print) sets known colloquially as form books. Below are a few of the better-known form books that have template forms for corporate transactions. These sets are listed in alphabetical order.

Subject Guide