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Study Aids, Study Skills & Exam Preparation Resource Guide: Home

This guide brings together all of the freely-available study and exam preparation resources provided by the Loyola Law School Library for its students. The guide includes links to study aids for more than 30 Loyola courses.

About this Guide

This guide provides links to current study aids, both in print and online, for more than thirty law school subjects.  These subjects are divided by the major division of law school courses: first-year and upper-level.  First-year courses are organized by semester; upper-level courses are organized alphabetically by subject.

In addition, this Guide provides a listing of resources devoted to improving law school success and resources for exam preparation.

This guide is not intended to offer advice on how to study during law school or how to prepare for law school exams. Rather, the Guide is intended to inform students about the wide variety of resources that are freely available to them via the Law Library and Law Library subscriptions.

Study Aids by Publisher and Category

Law school study aids come in all shapes and sizes and each publisher has its own series of study aids. Its important to know the different types of study aids available because each fulfills a different purpose. One study aid might be better for reviewing cases and another for practice multiple choice questions. It is important to know who publishes each series because the publisher may affect whether the publication is available online or not via the Law Library.

This Guide contains a separate page with extensive information on the different categories of study aids and who publishers each series. These pages are the home pages under both the 1L Study Aids and 2L and 3L Study Aids tabs.

Library Study Room & Exam Period F.A.Q.

Study Rooms
The Library has twelve study rooms available for use by Loyola Law students. Rooms are for two or more students only.  Click this link to see all study room policies and to reserve a room. Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours.  If students would like to reserve a room for more than 3 hours, they may seek a new reservation thirty minutes prior to the expiration of a current reservation. For a complete listing of the Library's room reservation policies, go to the Law Library's website.

Library Access During Exam Periods
Library access during exam periods is restricted to Loyola law students, Loyola law faculty, Loyola law staff, Loyola law alumni, and Loyola paralegal students. Restricted access usually begins 4-5 weeks prior to the beginning of Law School exams. Other current Loyola students that need Law Library items or research assistance will be directed to the reference desk. Please see the library's calendars for the exact dates of our restricted access periods.

Library Hours During Exam Periods
The Library offers expanded hours of operation during exam study periods. Please see the library's calendars for the exact dates of the expanded hours for any semester.



Study Aids F.A.Q.

What are Study Aids?
Broadly speaking, study aids are materials, other than your casebook, that help explain and outline the law. Study aids include explanatory material like nutshells and hornbooks, commercial outlines, case summaries, flashcards, audio tapes and more.

Why Use Them?
Study aids are not a substitute for the hard work it takes to prepare for class or understand the law! Study aids may, however, be used to supplement course readings, class notes, and a student's own outline.  Study aids can assist students by:

  • providing a useful overview of a confusing subject area,
  • identifying the rule of law from a group of cases,
  • helping to double-check a student's understanding of material,
  • offering an alternative explanation or examples that allow a student to make better sense of difficult material.

How do I Use Study Aids Effectively?
Opinions vary on this topic. There are a wide variety of study aids available for any course. It may be helpful to consult with a teacher or with students who have matriculated from a course taught by a particular teacher. Here's a link to a primer on the different categories and titles of study aids available.

Here is one professor's take on what study aids are, and when and how to use study aids effectively. This page is hosted by Bloomberg Law.

What Study Aids are Available through the Library?
The Library provides access to a wide variety of study aids both in print and online.  Print study aids include both current editions and previous editions. This Guide lists only current (most recent) study aids by course for all major courses.  The Library also provides access to professor's sample exams.

Does the Library Keep Older Versions of Study Aids?
The short answer is 'yes.' There are two easy ways to locate older versions of study aids available in the Library. First, if you locate a study aid in this Guide that looks promising, click on the link for the catalog record. The record will reveal if older editions are available and where they are located. Second, the older editions of study aids for any given course are usually located on the library shelves at a common Library of Congress call number.  Look at the call numbers for the study aids available for any course, and go look for that call number range in the main stacks on the fifth floor and look for study aids. These books can be checked out at the reference desk for up to four weeks.

Where are Study Aids Located?
There is no central location for study aids in the Library. Most current study aids are located in the Permanent Reserve collection located behind the circulation desk. Most older editions are located at the corresponding call number in the main stacks on the 5th floor of the Library. This guide provides the call numbers and location for all current study aids in the courses listed. Please contact a reference librarian for further assistance.

What are the Checkout Policies for Study Aids?
Books located in the Permanent Reserve collection are restricted to library-use only. They may be checked out for the day; they must be returned before the Library closes for the day. Books located in the main stacks may be checked out for up to four weeks.

Are There Study Aids Available Online?
Yes. The Law Library provides Loyola Law students with expanded access to West's Academic Study Aids Subscription. This service provides online access to hundreds of West publications, including all current Hornbooks, Concise Hornbooks, Nutshells, Black Letter Outlines, Flash Cards, Gilbert Law Summaries, and much more. By creating a free West Academic account, you can even highlight text or take notes online. You can search for individual titles in the collection by keyword, or browse by subject, material type, or series.

In addition, as of January, 2018 the Law Library has also subscribed to Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library. The Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library provides online access to hundreds of Wolters Kluwer publications, including the popular Examples & Explanations series and Emanuel Law Outlines. You can personalize your experience with your LUC email account to highlight text, take notes, add bookmarks, and save your favorite titles for easy retrieval, as well as download titles and read them while offline. You can search for individual titles in the WK Online Study Aid Library by keyword, or browse by subject or series.

What Study Aids are Available for my Course?
The purpose of this Guide is to provide students with quick access to the current study aids available via the Library for the 30 or so most popular classes at Loyola. The tabs along the top of this Guide direct students to where to locate to study aids by subject.

Can I Access a Professor's Previous Exams for a Course?
Yes. The Law Library retains copies of professors old exams on the Law Library Services Page available via TWEN.  Sign on to TWEN via Westlaw and add the "Law Library Services" course. Not all professors provide old exams to be posted on the Law Library Services page and not all exams are available.  Many professors now provide sample exams directly via a course website so be sure to check there.


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