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Researching Thai Law in English: Web Resources

Constitution (English)

Note that the "World Constitutions Illustrated"  database in HeinOnline includes current and past versions of the Thai Constitution in English-language translation. The current constitution was promulgated in 2017. 

Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (2017). Source: Constitute

Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (2017). Source: Office of the Council of State. Official English-language translation. 

Legislation and Regulations (English)

Note that all Thai legislation is dated B.E. for Buddhist Era, which began in 543 B.C.

WWW Resources

SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)

SSRN is an electronic repository for international social sciences scholarship that includes the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).  Thousands of downloadable abstracts, working papers, and published papers are available without charge.  Users need to go through a free registration process in order to log in and download documents.