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Experiential Learning Resource Guide: Home

This guide provides research tips and links to resources for students who are working for a judge, a law firm, a clinic or a professor. It is similar and related to the Summer Associate Research Guide which focuses more on students working for law firms.


Greetings and best wishes for a successful experience at your internship, externship, clerkship, or summer associate job. This guide is intended to help you with the legal research skills you will need on the job and provide a handy guide to resources.  If you have other questions, check out the resources below.

Other resources:

If you have a research question, please contact one of our Reference Librarians by e-mail at, or by phone at (312) 915-7205.

If you are looking for research guides on a particular topic, check out our topical research guides, below.

If you are looking for alternatives to Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg, check out our list of other online legal resources, below.

Topical Research Guides

In addition to the information contained in this Guide, the Law Library also maintains a number of research guides devoted to specific legal subjects and practice areas.

If you are looking for a research guide on a subject that the Law Library does not have, try using an advanced Google search ( to locate guides from other libraries. Run a search with the key words for your subject and "research guide" as an exact phrase.  Then restrict the search to the domain .edu.

Other Online Legal Research Resources

Includes links to key Loyola resources, Cook County resources, Illinois and federal government Web sites, and links to major legal portals.

Loyola Links

Chicago/ Cook County Links

Illinois Links

U.S. Links

General Legal Portals

LUC Law Library

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Subject Guide

Subject Guide