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Researching Tanzanian Law: Web Resources


There are numerous free websites that can assist in locating Tanzanian primary law, as well as secondary information on Tanzanian legal topics.  These sources are listed below, and at right.

The Tanzanian Judiciary

Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar have separate judicial systems. Some judgments are available online through the Southern African Legal Information Institute.

SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)

SSRN is an electronic repository for international social sciences scholarship that includes the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).  Thousands of downloadable abstracts, working papers, and published papers are available without charge. Materials may be dowloaded anonymously or with an individual login/password (free).

Constitution (English)

HeinOnline's "World Constitutions Illustrated" database contains an English-language version of the 1977 Constitution through the 2005 amendments. The database also contains the text of the 2011 Constitutional Review Act, and an English translation of the 2013 draft Constitution.  The text of the 2012 Constitutional Review (Amendment) Act is available via the Tanzanian Parliament website

Legislation (English)

Note that these may not be official, or reflect the most current, or consolidated versions of parliamentary Acts. Parliamentary debate transcripts (Hansard) are available only in Swahili.

WWW Resources