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News: Legal News

The News Research Guide provides links to current and historical newspapers and databases.

Legal News

Law 360
Law 360 covers legal news, including recently filed cases.  Loyola law faculty and students can get legal news from Law 360 through Lexis+. Log into LexisNexis, click on the box in the upper left next to "Lexis Advance Research."  Click on Law 360 and select topic of interest.  Then, use your Loyola e-mail to sign up for e-mail alerts.

BNA Law Reports covers news in a wide variety of practice areas.  Loyola law faculty and students can get BNA Law Reports through Bloomberg Law.  Log into Bloomberg Law.  Then, click on "Bloomberg BNA Law Reports" and "Manage Email Notifications for BNA Law Reports."  Select the publications you want to receive by e-mail and submit.


Nanette Norton