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General Legal Information Sites and Resources: Web Resources


Free law-related resources from a variety of Web sites, including commercial, professional and educational sites and organizations providing news, articles, directories, career centers and free access to primary authority at the state and federal level.

Web Resources

These free websites includes legal research guides, links to primary and secondary authority, and in general are good places to start a round of free online research.  Hover the cursor over the "Web Resources" tab above to find links to Government and ABA resources.

Legal Blogs ("Blawgs")

(N.b. Legal blogs are sometimes referred to as “blawgs”).  Blogs or blawgs may include a variety of types of articles such as commentary on recent decisions, analyses of legal issues in the news, or lists of the author's favorite web links. In any event, a consensus is emerging that blawgs are having a transformative impact on the world of legal scholarship, due to their ability to allow for the rapid, unfiltered dissemination of legal ideas.  When a “hot topic” legal issue erupts, bloggers are the first to provide reactions, suggest lines of inquiry and provide perspective.  Because many blawgs allow comments, they also serve as a virtual “faculty lounge” or coffeeshop, where ideas can be floated, inflated, debated and punctured, sometimes in raucous, freewheeling fashion.   

Subject Guide

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