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Art & Cultural Property Law Research : Getting Started

This is a comprehensive overview of research sources for art and cultural property law.


This guide provides a comprehensive overview for researchers investigating art and cultural property law in a global context. Introductory materials are included, as well as treatises, commercial databases, and free websites.  When researching in these areas, keep in mind that a variety of related terms may be utilized, such as art forgeries, art thefts, visual arts law, museum law, cultural heritage law, etc.  

So, You Want To Be An Art Lawyer?

Posted on the Clancco blog on June 25, 2014, this posting provides twelve starting points for becoming an art lawyer.  The posting's author is Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, an art attorney and the blog's founder.

Bar Associations: Committees and Sections Dedicated to Art/Cultural Property Law

This list, compiled by the Center for Art Law, includes U.S. and international bar associations' sections and committees that are dedicated to art and cultural property law practice.

The Center for Art Law is located in Brooklyn, New York, and "serves artists and students, academics and legal practitioners, collectors and dealers, government officials and others in the field, and explores the many facets of this exciting and continually developing field of legal practice."


Introductions to Art Law Research (WWW)

The following guides to researching art law are available on the WWW:

Introductions to Art and Cultural Property Law (Print)

Loyola Law Library Holdings List

This handout was originally prepared in 2013 and was most recently updated in April 2020. The list includes the Law Library's holdings in the areas of art law, museum law, and cultural property.  Books in print and eBook format are included, along with journal titles and relevant databases. 


Art Law Societies

This is the Center for Art Law's list of U.S. law schools' art societies:

Center for Art Law List of Art Law Societies