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Census 2020: Impact on Illinois

The Census 2020 Guide brings together resources about why the Census is important, key information about the Census, and where to find additional information.

Illinois Complete Count Commission

For information about Illinois and the 2020 Census, see the Illinois Complete Count Commission website.

Census 2020 Make Sure Illinois Counts

Why a complete count is important to Illinois

According to the Illinois Complete Count Commission, Illinois was undercounted in the 2010 Census with only 76% participation rate.  The ramifications for undercounting in Illinois in the 2020 Census include:

  • Loss of one and possibly two seats in the House of Representatives.
  • Loss of one and possibly two Electoral College votes.
  • Forfeiture of billions of dollars of federal assistance for programs that aid children, veterans, senior citizens, middle and low income families, schools, healthcare facilities, and infrastructure.

Illinois Complete Count Commission, Interim Report to the Illinois General Assembly.