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Elder Law Research Guide: Journals

This guide presents the sources of law most often encountered in problems or disputes pertaining to the elderly.

Finding Journal and Law Review Articles

Some specific elder law journals are listed at right. Many articles about legal issues that affect the elderly will be found in law journals not devoted specifically to elder law. Title and subject searches for legal articles can be accomplished in the LegalTrac and HeinOnline databases (both of which require a valid Loyola user ID and password), as well as in Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, and Lexis (all of which require a valid Law Library-issued ID and password). LegalTrac has citations and abstracts, and some articles in full text. All the journal articles in HeinOnline's law journal database are in full text. Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, and Lexis also have full text databases of periodical legal literature. Loyola's print law journals are located on the 4th floor of the Law Library.

Non-legal academic, business, and news journals also offer coverage of issues that may be relevant to an elder law problem. Many journals are available in print in the Loyola Libraries and in full-text subscription databases. Some of these databases are listed below, at right. For a range of health journals and databases offered at Loyola, please consult the journals tab of the Health Law Research Guide.

Print subject indexes, like the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, and the print version of Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals are an alternative way to find journal article citations. Starting with a print subject index often can produce better search terms for use in database searches of journal literature. 

Ask a reference librarian if you need help with these sources.

Index to Legal Periodicals

The Index to Legal Periodicals and Books can be searched by subject to find citations to articles about elder law. The Index is available in print in the 3rd Floor Reference Section at K33 .I545. Citations to law reviews and law journals can be used to locate the full articles, either in print in the law library, or in a subscription database like HeinOnline, Westlaw, and LexisNexis.

Here are some examples of subject headings you might use to search the ILP for elder law articles: Aged - is the main subject heading for elderly.  Also: Filial responsibility laws; Medicaid; Medicare; pension plans; Social Security; Social Security - Disability; Dementia; Mild cognitive impairment; Power of Attorney or POA; Nursing homes; Age discrimination; Informed consent; Living wills; Living trusts; Long-term care insurance; Managed care; Advance health care directives.

International & Foreign Law Journal Articles

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is accessible in HeinOnline.  You can search for citations to international journal articles in the IFLP in Hein, and also retrieve the full text articles.  You also can retrieve many of these journals either in print in the Loyola Library, or in other subscription databases, like Westlaw and LexisNexis.

SmartCILP Law Review Current Awareness Service

SmartCILP is a weekly current awareness service produced by the Law Library at the University of Washington Law School.  It indexes current articles from over 500 law reviews and other legal publications by subject, and provides a personalized weekly e-mail of a list of article citations on the subjects you select when establishing your profile.  It's a great way to stay current on what articles have been published in your areas of interest, and is flexible, allowing you to tailor your profile from week to week to reflect your current scholary interests.  It does not provide full text of the articles it indexes, but rather a list of citations arranged by subject. Create your SmartCILP proflie online and view a list of subject headings at Please note that you will need to contact your library liaison for Loyola's authorization code.

Elder Law Journals

Other Academic Journals

These journals are available to members of the Loyola community; for off-campus access, a current Loyola ID and password are required.

Academic Databases

Frequently, solving a legal problem related to the elderly could require an understanding of issues outside the realm of law.  Hundreds of journals related to behavioral, medical, and physical sciences, as well as business and the humanities are accessible from the Loyola Libraries electronic databases. Subject, keyword, author and title searches are possible within each database. News articles are also available in many of these databases. 

The first link below is to the entire list of Loyola non-law databases. Selected databases that may have materials relevant to elder law issues are listed here.  Many of these databases have overlapping coverage of particular journals. It is also possible to browse or search by individual journal title from the Loyola database page. 

For more periodicals related to health and health law, please see the Journals page of the Health Law Research Guide, on Loyola's Law Library homepage.

SSRN - Social Science Research Network

SSRN is an electronic repository for international social sciences scholarship that includes the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN). Thousands of downloadable abstracts, working papers, and published papers are available without charge. Loyola users can register for access to SSRN and the ability to download documents. Ask a librarian

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