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State Courts, Statutes and Regulations: Getting Started

A guide to primary authority at the state court level


This general guide to researching state laws covers case research, statutory research (including legislative history research), and administrative research.  It does not include specific instructions for researching in particular legal topical areas, or the laws of each of the various states.  If you need help researching a particular topic (e.g. Child Law) within a particular jurisdiction, please consider consulting one of our topical research guides as well.  If you need help researching Illinois law, please consult the topical research guide titled "Illinois Law."

Access to some of the electronic resources included in this guide is limited to users who have a valid Loyola ID and password; access to other resources is restricted to the law school community only.

Quick Links: State law cases, statutes and administrative regulations

This guide provides numerous access points to each of the three areas of primary authority, as found in the various books, databases and web resources linked to at the tabs above.  For quick access to case law, statutory authority and administrative regulations, however, the following provide the researcher with direct links to the official state versions of each area of law.

State Law Links - General

Subject Guide

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