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International Commercial & Investment Arbitration Research: Web Resources


There are numerous free websites that can assist in researching international commercial and investment arbitration. Listed at right and below are sites with links to applicable international agreements, national arbitral statutes, and model rules and arbitral rules.  There are also links to international arbitral bodies and institutions, various associations, and general WWW sites on international commercial and investment arbitration.

International Commercial Arbitration Agreements & Rules

Various international agreements, national laws, and arbitral rules may govern the international arbitration process, and other agreements may guide the enforcement of awards and decisions.  Parties, for example, may adhere to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Arbitration Rules, and nations may base their arbitration laws on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. In addition, the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (the "New York Convention") is a key international instrument with regard to national courts' recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Listed below are links to various collections of international agreements, model rules, and arbitral rules relevant to international commercial arbitration. Note that the subscription database KluwerArbitration also provides links to the texts of international agreements under the category "Conventions" and links to arbitration rules under "Rules." Westlaw also contains texts of international treaties, model rules, and arbitral rules related to international commercial arbitration. In WestlawNext, go to "International Materials," then "International Arbitration Materials." Links to national arbitration laws are listed under a separate category below. 

National Arbitration Statutes

National arbitration laws may play an important role in the process of international commercial arbitration.  The following websites provide links to various national arbitration statutes, and in some instances, English-language translations. Note that the subscription database, KluwerArbitration, also provides links to national arbitration laws.

General WWW Resources

PowerPoint Presentations

The following are PowerPoint/PDF presentations that were prepared for various LUC Law School courses related to international commercial and investment arbitration.

Bilateral Investment Treaties

Bilateral investment treaties (BITs) are agreements between two countries pertaining to foreign direct investment. Many BITs provide for arbitration of disputes. Listed below are websites that include links to the full texts of various BITs.