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Trial Advocacy Research Guide: General Sources

This guide provides information about and links to the most popular and most cited sources for trial advocacy. Topics include opening/closing arguments, pre-trial procedure, trial evidence, examination of witnesses, and jury selection.

About General Sources

This page collects sources that either discuss trial advocacy generally or that contain some discussion of all (or most) aspects of trial advocacy.  There are really three types of sources that treat trial advocacy generally:  academic works like encyclopedias and multi-volume treatises and treatises, more practical material like one-volume texts, and basic sources/ study aids.

This page has a listing for:

The list of trial advocacy texts is divided into two categories: those aimed at students or inexperienced trial lawyers, and those intended for more experienced practitioners.


Trial Practice Encyclopedias and Treatises

The following multi-volume sources provide an in-depth view of trying cases from start to finish.

Trial Advocacy Texts

These texts are divided into two categories: those books that are intended for students and younger attorneys, and those that are either intended for more seasoned attorneys or that offer particular insight into the field of trial practice.  Texts are listed alphabetically by title.

Basic Sources and Study Aids

These sources provide good starting points for novices.  Loyola students, staff and faculty can access these sources, and more, online via the Library's susbcription to West's Study Aids, available via Westlaw. 

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