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New Books Guide: February-March 2024 New Books

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Featured New Books

Race and National Security

This volume clarifies how white supremacy informs and shapes the parameters of what "counts" as national security.

Global Animal Law Research: Strategies and Resources

Featuring 12 research experts specializing in U.S., foreign, international, and comparative law research, Global Animal Law Research collects these experts' perspectives, knowledge, and experiences researching various animal rights and welfare topics. The chapters in this book identify, discuss, and analyze research resources, strategies, and current and emerging legal frameworks on animal rights and welfare in the laws of more than 15 countries across five continents. 

Climate Geoengineering: Science Law and Governance

The sobering reality of the disconnect between the resolve of the world community to effectively address climate change, and what actually needs to be done, has led to increasing impetus for consideration of a suite of approaches collectively known as "climate geoengineering," or "climate engineering." This volume will explore scientific, political and legal issues associated with the emerging field of climate geoengineering. The volume encompasses perspectives on both of the major categories of climate geoengineering approaches, carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management.

A Promise Kept: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and McGirt v. Oklahoma

This book examines the McGirt v. Oklahoma case from historical and legal perspectives, placing the case within the historical context from which it derived, the legal context that took the case to the Supreme Court, and the legal and political implications of the decision.

Religion, Race, and COVID-19: Confronting White Supremacy in the Pandemic

This book analyzes how the particular dynamics and effects emerging from the COVID-19 crisis both impact and are perceived by its most vulnerable yet visionary populations, based on their pragmatic and prescient analysis of the American experiment of freedom with regards to race and religion.

Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem

Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem provides theoretical and practical introductions to the distinctions between privacy and cybersecurity, technical foundations needed to understand the challenges of securing complex systems, and an introduction to the legal concepts needed to understand the unique challenges of cybersecurity law and policy.

Improving Intellectual Property: A Global Project

Thought-provoking and accessible, this book will prove an invaluable resource for academics, researchers, and students of international intellectual property law. Its exploration of how intellectual property law might promote innovation in conjunction with national, regional, and global policy goals will also be of interest to practitioners and policymakers.

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