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New Books Guide: November-December 2023 New Books

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Featured New Books

Diversifying the Courts: Race, Gender, and Judicial Legitimacy

The author's research proves that increasing diversity on the bench promotes the courts' legitimacy among formerly-marginalized groups; at the same time, white men experience a backlash to an increase in diversity on the bench.

Vote Gun: How Gun Rights Became Politicized in the United States

Vote Gun tells the story of how the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act made firearms controls a wedge voting issue, and the book closes by examining how the 1980 elections cemented the partisan divisions over firearms controls that remain to this day.

Comic Art, Creativity and the Law

Graphic novels and comics have launched characters and stories that play a dominant role in contemporary popular culture throughout the world. The extensive revisions in this second edition of Comic Art, Creativity and the Law update the author's analysis of important changes at the intersection of law and comics, featuring an examination of how recent cases will affect the creative process as applied to comic art.

Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner's Handbook

As this book details, the tension between the inexorable advance of technology and the comparatively slow pace of the law translates to a world in which we need all the guidance we can get in shaping our digital communications to our ethical responsibilities.

The Transition: Interpreting Justice from Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas

In this book, this most significant Supreme Court transition from 1953 to the present is explored through the lives and writings of the first two African American justices on Court, touching on the lasting consequences for understandings of American citizenship as well as the central currents of Black political thought over the past century. 

The Dead Hand's Grip: How Long Constitutions Bind States

In this book, the author examines constitutional specificity--or length--within American state constitutions as a new way to evaluate how different polities confront how to both control citizens and regulate themselves.

Olympic Laws: Culture, Values, Tensions

Olympic Laws: Culture, Values, Tensions is the first book to analyze fully the Olympic legal framework and its application to the IOC and the Olympic Games through a socio-legal lens. It opens up a new window into understanding the Olympic Games, across recent iterations of the Games and on to future Games.

G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century

A major new Pulitzer Prize winning biography of J Edgar Hoover that draws from never-before-seen sources to create a groundbreaking portrait of a colossus who dominated half a century of American history and planted the seeds for much of today's conservative political landscape.

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