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Study Aids, Study Skills & Exam Preparation Resource Guide: Law School Success

This guide brings together all of the freely-available study and exam preparation resources provided by the Loyola Law School Library for its students. The guide includes links to study aids for more than 30 Loyola courses.

About Law School Success

This page includes texts written for law students about how to succeed in law school.  This page is divided into three topics:

Note that there is some overlap here.  Those books devoted to the 1L experience also discuss law school success generally (does it ever really change) and the general texts cover first year success as well.

There are a number of online sources as well.  Each of the major commercial online resource providers has a section of its homepage devoted to law student success.  CALI offers several lessons and podcasts on improving study techniques and preparing for exams. 

Resources for 1Ls and Entering Students

General Resources

Specific Aspects of Improving Law School Performance

Subject Guide