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Study Aids, Study Skills & Exam Preparation Resource Guide: Study Aids Online

This guide brings together all of the freely-available study and exam preparation resources provided by the Loyola Law School Library for its students. The guide includes links to study aids for more than 30 Loyola courses.

About Study Aids Online

There are a number of study aids mentioned throughout this guide that are available to students both in print and (freely) online, or online only.   If you are looking for an online study aid for a particular subject, look at the subject page under either the 1L Study Aids or the 2L and 3L study aids page and locate those that indicate online availability.  This page highlights the study resources that are freely available to students through each of the major online providers, BloombergLaw, LexisNexis and Westlaw. It also includes information about CALI lessons and podcasts and locating sample exams online.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law offers a number of resources to assist law students in preparing for class and exams.  Located on the Bloomberg homepage is a "Law School Success" tab that collects many of the study resources aimed at students.

Also located on the Bloomberg homepage is a link to Casebriefs, a digital supplment that provides 'canned' case briefs for students to use in preparation for class or for review.  Note: Casebriefs requires registration.

CALI (Center for Computer-assisted Legal Instruction)

CALI, the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, offers more than 900 computer-based interactive tutorials that cover narrow topics in the law.  CALI lessons are organized by subject and lesson, and cover most law school courses.  Many students like CALI lessons as a study tool because they are guided and because provide immediate feedback. 

In addition, under the lesson topic of Legal Concepts and Skills, there a number of lessons and podcasts on success in law school and improving exam performance.

CALI lessons are available on the CALI website, Students must register to access CALI lessons.  The CALI code to register was distributed to first year Loyola Law students at the beginning of the first semester.  If you lost your CALI registration code, please visit the Law Library for a replacement.


LexisNexis for Lawschools (, the gateway to Lexis Advance, offers one study aid that may be of particular value to first-year law students: free BARBRI outlines in PDF Format.  These outlines cover basic subjects: contracts, torts, constitutional law, property etc.

Sample Exams

LUC Exams
The Law Library retains copies of professors old exams on the Law Library Services Page, which is available via TWEN.  Sign on to TWEN via Westlaw and add "Law Library Services" course. Not all professors provide old exams to be posted on the Law Library Services page and not all exams are available.  Many professors now provide sample exams directly via a course website so be sure to check there.

Exams from Other Schools
An internet search may reveal sample exams posted by profesors or librarians at other law schools.  FindLaw for Students offers sample exams and outlines listed by school and by subject.  

West Study Aids Subscription

The Law Library is now providing Loyola Law students with expanded access to West's Academic Study Aids Subscription. This service provides online access to hundreds of West publications, including all current Hornbooks, Concise Hornbooks, Nutshells, Black Letter Outlines, Gilbert Law Summaries, and much more. If you register for a free West Academic account, you can even highlight text or take notes online. You can search for individual titles in the collection by keyword, or browse by subject, material type, or series. See the West Acadamic Study Aids catalog for a full decription of each of the resources.  It also contains an excellent hich to use when" chart on page 3.

Westlaw also provides 1L outline "shells".  The shells consist of a detailed outline and the capsule summary for West's Black Letter Outlines on the six major first year courses, civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, property and torts.

Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library

The Law Library is now providing access to Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library. This collection provides on-campus or off-campus access (with a current Loyola Law ID and Password) to hundreds of study aids including the entire Examples & Explanations series. Access WK Online Study Aids via the  Law Library’s A-Z Database list.

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