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International & Comparative Competition Law Research: Getting Started


This guide provides a comprehensive overview for researchers investigating antitrust law in a global context.  Primary sources are included, as well as introductory materials, bibliographies, treatises, commercial databases, and free websites.  When researching in this area, keep in mind that a variety of terms may be utilized, including antitrust, competition, unfair competition, and monopoly.   

Note that there is a complete LibGuide for U.S. antitrust law available through this link

Online Translators

English translations of legal materials, including foreign statutes, are often difficult to locate and can be unreliable.  Only in rare instances are authoritative English translations available.  If authoritative versions are not available, look for "official" translations that are created by, or for, a government organization.  Further, look for synoptic translations, which allow for side-by-side comparisons of the vernacular with the English translation. 

Many online translators are available on the WWW, but these should be used with caution since web translators do not generally include specialized legal or commercial vocabulary.  Online translators, however, may be of some help in getting the general sense of a document or passage.  Examples of WWW translators are:


Introduction to International and Foreign Competition Law Research (WWW)

The following guides to researching international and foreign competition law are available on the WWW. 

Introductions to International Competition Law

Comparative Competition Law Project

The Comparative Competition Law Project "generates novel data on competition regimes across time and countries." The data is then used to study  "competition law and enforcement around the world, including exploring the diffusion of these laws and the effects they have on market outcomes." The project is spearheaded by Professor Anu Bradford of Columbia University Law School and Professor Adam Chilton of the University of Chicago Law School. 


A bibliography of published materials related to international and comparative competition law is listed below (last updated September 2017).

The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies (Loyola University Chicago School of Law)

The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies is a non-partisan, independent academic center designed to explore the impact of antitrust enforcement on the individual consumer and the public, and to shape policy issues.The Institute fulfills its mission by sponsoring symposia, academic colloquia, and a unique student fellowship.


The following handout was prepared in the spring of 2014 for an LUC Law course on international and comparative antitrust.  The course was taught by Dr. Maciej Bernatt, a visiting professor from the University of Warsaw.