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Study Aids, Study Skills, & Exam Preparation Resource Guide: Exam Preparation and Success

This guide brings together all of the available study and exam preparation resources provided by the Loyola Law School Library for its students. The guide includes links to study aids for more than 30 Loyola courses.

About This Page

This page contains links to locate practice law school exams and links to Library resources on preparing for and improving performance on law school exams. It also links students to pertinent CALI lessons and podcasts on exam taking.

Sample Exams

LUC Exams
The Law Library retains copies of professors old exams on the Past Years Exams page, available via TWEN. Sign on to TWEN via Westlaw and add the "Past Years Exams" course. There is a link to the Past Years Exams page here. Not all professors provide old exams to be posted on our TWEN page and not all exams are available. Many professors now provide sample exams directly via a course website so be sure to check there.

Exams from Other Schools
An Internet search may reveal sample exams posted by professors or librarians at other law schools.  FindLaw for Students offers sample exams and outlines listed by school and by subject.  

Exam Prep Titles

CALI Lessons and Podcasts

Exam Taking Skills, Outlines, and Advice for Law Students: Panel 1 PodCast
Exam Taking Skills, Outlines, and Advice for Law Students: Panel 2 PodCast
Exam Taking Skills, Outlines, and Advice for Law Students: Panel 3 PodCast

CALI's Director of Curriculum Development spoke with six law professors about outlines, studying for class, preparing for exams, time management, and how professors grade exams. The conversations were recorded as podcasts. While these podcasts are not intended to take the place of a conversation with your professor, the professors hope that these podcasts give law students additional insight into the exam process.

Tips for Multiple Choice Exams in Law School Podcast

Prof. Burnham, author of a number of CALI lessons and podcasts provides students with advice on multiple choice exam questions. Prof. Burnham goes into the different aspects of a multiple choice question: the stimulus, options, key, and distracters. Additionally, Prof. Burnham discusses the different types of multiple choice questions such as questions that test a student’s ability to recall information, those that draw on materials discussed in class, and those that require analysis.

Top 10 Tips for Successfully Writing a Law School Essay

In this podcast, Prof. Jennifer Martin discusses the top ten mistakes law students make in law school examinations. These are poor issue spotting, poor knowledge and understanding of the law, poor application of the law to the facts, giving only conclusory answers, lack of organization, errors in the facts, failure to understand the role you are given in the examination, padding, fact inventing, and question begging.

Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure

Note: This lesson uses Flash and is unable to be viewed on a device that does not have the Flash player installed. Scoring for this lesson is also unavailable at this time.

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