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Faculty Services Guide: Publishing Your Scholarship with SSRN or ExpressO

 Publishing Your Scholarship Online or In Print

This page describes the ways the Library is able to assist with posting articles to SSRN, the Social Science Research Network, and with submitting articles electronically to print law reviews via ExpressO.

Below are links to:

Helpful Articles and Links on Article Submission

These articles provide current information and links about law journal submissions.  The Rostron and Levit article covers 203 law reviews, and includes two helpful charts. The first chart contains information about each journal's preferences about methods for submitting articles (e.g., e-mail, ExpressO or regular mail), as well as special formatting requirements and how to request an expedited review. The second chart contains rankings information from U.S. News and World Report as well as data from Washington & Lee's law review website.

 What are SSRN and ExpressO?

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

The Law Library is available to assist with posting articles to SSRN. Please contact the Law Library Reference Desk at 5-7205 or for assistance or more information about SSRN.  For more detailed instructions for posting SSRN articles via the Law Library, please scroll down to the "SSRN Submission Form and Information" box, lower on this page. Here is a link to SSRN's instructions for posting an article if you'd like to try it on your own.



LUC Law is also a member of ExpressO,  an online law review submission service.  LUC full-time faculty can take advantage of the Law School's institutional account to create an easy to use ExpressO account at the Expresso homepage.  You don't need a password or code to associate your new account with Loyola's institutional account -- just use your "" e-mail address in the enrollment form, and ExpressO will automatically affiliate you with the Law School's account.  Once you have set up your account, you will be prompted to upload your paper, along with an abstract and cover letter. You'll also be asked to indicate keywords relating to your paper topic. You can select as many law reviews as you like for your list of submissions, or you can choose a topical group, such as all international law reviews.  For more detailed instructions on setting up an account and submitting articles through ExpressO, please scroll down to the "Getting Started with an ExpressO Submission" box, lower on this page.


Quick Links to SSRN & ExpressO

  Getting Started with an ExpressO Submission

ExpressO is an online service for the submission of law review articles.  It allows full-time faculty to upload manuscripts for delivery to more than 500 law school reviews, without the hassles and expenses of photocopying, assembling, and mailing.   

Full-time faculty can begin by creating an ExpressO account.  As described more fully in the box above, an account is free, and signing up with your e-mail address will automatically affiliate you with our institutional account.  The next step is to select the journals to which you would like to send your article. The system will then show you your choices, along with charges (if any), for you to verify or modify. You will then enter your contact information, information about the article, and upload an article file along with any other documentation you want to include, such as a cover letter or CV.  After verifying your delivery details (and payment information if necessary), the system will deliver your article.  Most reviews accept electronic submissions via an email attachment, but in the case of the few hardcopy holdouts, ExpressO will print and mail your documents, usually by priority mail and within one business. 

Follow the link below to step by step instructions for starting an ExpressO submission.  If you have any questions or concerns or need additional information, please contact the Law Library Reference Desk at, or 5-7205.

  SSRN Submission Form

The attached Word document is a form for submitting an article to SSRN through the Law Library's Reference Desk.  It includes all the information SSRN requires for the sucessful posting of an article. Please click on the file icon, complete the form, and send the completed form, along with an electronic version of the article (either as a Word document (preferred) or a PDF file) to  Please don't hesitate to contact the Law Library Reference Desk at or 5-7205, with any questions or for any other assistance.

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