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The Rule of Law: A Research Guide for Loyola's PROLAW Program: Legal Periodicals

Access to Legal Scholarship Online and in Print

Most major U.S. journals specifically devoted to legal scholarship are available via the Law Library's subscription to HeinOnline, or as otherwise indicated.  To access HeinOnline from off campus you must have a valid Loyola user ID and password. There are a number of free portals to law journal content as well, as noted in the "Free Electronic Journals Sources" section.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) indexes foreign (including some non-English language) law reviews and journals.  The Index is available online through HeinOnline. Includes links to full text articles, if available in HeinOnline.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a search mechanism to locate scholarly literature across multiple disciplines, including law.  Search results on campus will indicate whether the source is available full text through a Loyola database.  Off campus, users may go to the "Settings" link and then "Library Links" to set up results that show links to LUC full text databases. 


SmartCILP is a fee-based legal bibliographic service that allows users to set up a profile, based on areas of interest.  Each week, users receive a list of new articles in law reviews and journals that pertain to their profile from the Current Index to Legal Periodicals.  Some subject headings related to the "Rule of Law" include "Comparative and Foreign Law," and "Human Rights Law." This service is available only to Loyola Law School faculty, staff, and students. A list of periodicals indexed in SmartCILP is available here.   

SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)

SSRN is an electronic repository for international social sciences scholarship that includes the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).  Thousands of downloadable abstracts, working papers, and published papers are available without charge.  Set up a free account in order to access all content. 

Law Journal Subscription Databases

HeinOnline is the Law Library's premier resource for accessing published legal scholarship.  A key benefit is the ability to download, print, and e-mail the archived articles in PDF format.

Law Journal Databases and Indexes

These indexes and databases provide author, subject, and title access to the vast array of published and online legal scholarship.

Hague Journal of the Rule of Law

The Hague Journal of the Rule of Law, distributed by Cambridge Journals, began publication in 2009.  According to the publisher, the Journal  "aims to deepen and broaden the knowledge of the rule of law and its relation to economic growth, poverty reduction, promotion of democracy, protection of human rights and geopolitical stability." Full text of the Journal (2009-one year ago) is available through the LUC Libraries' subscription to Academic Search Complete

Free Electronic Journal Source

While not as comprehensive as HeinOnline, this resource provides links to free versions of published legal scholarship.

Subject Guide

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Legal Research Journals

These journals provide in-depth scholarly treatment of specific legal research issues and trends and topics in legal research and librarianship.  Law Library Journal is available via HeinOnline, and Legal Reference Services Quarterly is available through the LUC Libraries subscription databases.

Print Research Guide

Prepared in the summer of 2009, updated in February 2012, this 23-page guide offers instructions and tips on how to research foreign, comparative, and international law at the LUC Law Library.  The annotated guide lists print reference sources, subscription databases, free websites, and current awareness sources that may be useful when approaching foreign, comparative and international law questions.