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Intellectual Property Research Guide: Forms

The Intellectual Property Research Guide covers resources for researching patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, right of publicity, and other areas of intellectual property law.

About Forms

This page contains information about finding forms for intellectual property.  

To find a print book on forms please use the library catalog

To browse the shelves in the Library for books on intellectual property, go to: KF 2971-2980 for intellectual property in general; KF 3091-KF 3192 for patent; KF 3176-KF 3192 for trademark; KF 2986-KF 3086 for copyright; KF 3195-3198 for unfair competition in general.  

To locate books in libraries outside the Loyola University Chicago System, use the WorldCat database (valid Loyola ID and password required).

Forms for intellectual property

You can find intellectual property forms in a number of places:

  • Treatises - Many of the treatises on intellectual property topics also include forms. Go to the books section of this guide for treatises on particular IP topics.
  • Agencies - For forms for filing patent, trademark, and copyright applications and related documents, see the websites for the Patent and Trademark Office,, and Copyright Office,
  • Westlaw - Westlaw Id. and password required.
    Two ways to search:
    -From Practice Areas tab, select Intellectual Property, then Patent, Trademark, or Copyright, then Forms.
    -Practical Law has common forms, practice notes, and checklists.  Under Content Type tab, select Practical Law, then Intellectual Property & Technology.
  • Lexis - Lexis Id. and password required.
    Two ways to search:
    -From Practice Areas tab, select type of intellectual property (e.g. patent, trademark, copyright), then select Forms.
    -Practical Guidance has forms and guidance. Select Practical Guidance on left side of screen, then select Intellectual Property & Technology.
  • Bloomberg Law - Bloomberg Law Id. and password required.
    Practical Guidance has forms and guidance.  Under Intellectual Property, select specific topics.




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