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Federal Law & Government Documents: Books

This guide provides information about researching federal law and government documents.

About Books

To find an item in Loyola's collection that is not listed at right, please use the library catalog.  To locate books in libraries outside the Loyola University Chicago system, use the WorldCat database.

Books on Agency and Administrative Law

Below are some general books on agency or adminstrative law. For additional books, such as books on particular agencies, search the library catalog or WorldCat.

Administrative Law & Practice, Westlaw, Charles H. Koch, Jr., Westlaw Id. and password required.

Administrative Law, Lexis, Jacob A. Stein, et al., treatise on federal agencies. Lexis Id. and password required.

Principles of Administrative Law, West Concise Hornbook Series, Keith Werhan, Call No. KF 5402 .W47 2008 (in Academic Success collection on third floor) and in West Academic Study Aids. Westlaw Id. and password required.

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell, Ernest Gellhorn, Call No. KF 5402 .Z9 G4 2006 (in Academic Success collection on third floor) and in West Academic Study Aids. Westlaw Id. and password required.

Books on the Judiciary

Below are some books on the U.S. Supreme Court. For other books on the judiciary, search the library catalog or WorldCat.

Abortion: The Supreme Court Decisions, 1965-2022, Ian Shapiro, Alicia Steinmetz, eds.,  KF 3771 .A938 2023. 

A momentous year in the Supreme Court : October term 2021, Erwin Chemerinsky, KF 8742 .C464 2022.

The Supreme Court Compendium: Two Centuries of Data, Decisions, and Developments, Lee Epstein, et al., KF 8742 .S914 2021.

Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy : Mastering Oral Argument, David C. Frederick, foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, KF 8870 .F74 2010.

The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions, edited by Kermit L. Hall, James W. Ely, Jr., KF 4548.5 .O97 2009. Link to online version through library catalog.

Understanding Supreme Court Opinions, T.R. van Geel, KF 8742 .V36 2007.

Books on Congress or Legislation

Below are some books on Congress. For other books on Congress, or for books on particular legislation, search the library catalog or Worldcat.

Inside congressional committees: Function and Dysfunction in the Legislative Process, Maya Kornberg, JK 1029 .K67 2023.

The Laws that Shaped America : Fifteen Acts of Congress and Their Lasting Impact, Dennis W. Johnson, KF 352 .J64 2009.

The Supreme Court and Congress : Rival Interpretations, Louis Fisher, KF 4541 .F54 2009. 
Black Americans in Congress, 1870-2007,  E 185.96 .B526 2008. 
How Our Laws are Made, John V. Sullivan, KF 4945 .S85 2007.

Books on the Presidency

Below are some books on the Presidency. For other books on the presidency, or for books on particular presidents, search the library catalog or WorldCat.

Prosecution of the President of the United States the Constitution, Executive Power, and the Rule of Law, H. Lowell Brown, KF 5051 .B76 2022.

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know, Michael Gerhardt, KF5075 .G47 2018.

First Presidential Messages: Two Hundred Twenty Years of Inaugural Addresses and Statements on Becoming President, 1789-2009, edited by George N. Otey, J 81.4 .F577 2009.

Constitutional Conflicts between Congress and the President, Louis Fisher, KF 4565 .F57 2014.

Strategic Selection: Presidential Nomination of Supreme Court Justices from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush, Christine L. Nemacheck, KF 8742 .N46 2007.

Executive Orders and the Modern Presidency: Legislating from the Oval Office, Adam L. Warber, JK 516 .W35 2006.

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