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Dispute Resolution Research Guide: Online Dispute Resolution

This guide provides information about and links to the Library's most popular and most-cited dispute resolution resources. Topics include alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, client counseling, collaborative law, mediation, and negotiation.

What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) refers to a broad and flexible set of systems that are meant to integrate technology into various approaches towards and steps of the dispute resolution process. These processes and programs are proliferating, including in court systems, with an established precedent internationally in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and Canada, and increasing adoption  stateside. Software companies and courts are developing online platforms in 25 countries and ODR is currently resolving millions of e-commerce, insurance, auto accident, domain name, online gaming, property tax, and “sharing economy” customer disputes each year.

From: ADR-ODR and Conflict Resolution Skills Committee, Subcommittee on  Online Dispute Resolution
Re: Recommendations for Chicago Bar Association Summit
Date: October 5, 2017

ODR Bibliography

The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution publishes a comprehensive bibliography of all things ODR-related. The bibliography is located here.

This bibliography was compiled by Noam Ebner, who asked in return only to be known as Hunter of Lost Scrolls. He was ably assisted by Dennis Davis, working with the ABA’s Section on Dispute Resolution’s Task Force on ODR. Noam continues to curate and update the bibliography.

Selected Books on ODR Available through LUC Libraries

Selected Articles & Documents on ODR

For a comprehensive listing of ODR-related articles and book chapters see the bibliography compiled by Noam Ebner for the The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.


Websites and Electronic Resources

Civil Resolution Tribunal
Canada’s first online tribunal (

Legal Services Society
online legal aid in British Columbia (