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Dispute Resolution Research Guide: Databases

This guide provides information about and links to the Library's most popular and most-cited dispute resolution resources. Topics include alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, client counseling, collaborative law, mediation, and negotiation.

About This Page

This page contains links to online versions of sources mentioned elsewhere in this Guide.  The page is organized by vendor and then by topic.  Access to these databases is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of Loyola University Chicago's School of Law.

Bloomberg Law

The easiest way to identify ADR tiles on Bloomberg is to choose 'Laws and Treatises' under the All Content Menu in the left-hand column, then choose 'Books and Treatises.' Then, on the right-hand side, choose Alternative Dispute Resolution from the list of practice areas.

Two of the more popular titles available via Bloomberg are:




Lexis categorizes ADR texts and treatises by practice area; there is not a separate topic for ADR. One can locate titles on dispute resolution, arbitration or mediation simply by entering the terms in the main search box and reviewing titles. One popular text is:





West Academic recently split from Westlaw so many of the ADR-related texts and study aids formerly on Westlaw now must be accessed via the Law Library's subscription to West Academic Study Aids. One way to locate ADR-related texts and treatises on Westlaw is to choose 'Secondary Sources' from the main menu on the home page and then filter by topic 'Alternative Dispute Resolution'. Below are some of the more popular titles:






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